Insurance for the Central Valley - CA Lic# 0596517

Insurance for the California Central Valley

Safety and Compliance

  • Safety and Loss Prevention

    Let Winton-Ireland help you take control of risk in your organization.  Let us complete a risk analysis to find any vulnerable area and provide the solutions to protect them.  Once you become part of the Winton-Ireland team you will have access to safety meeting and training solutions for almost any industry and topic.  You will also be given access through our client edge to thousands of safety and compliance documents.

  • OSHA Compliance

    Winton-Ireland will complete a comprehensive review of your OSHA requirements.  We will conduct hazard inspections to help eliminate possible OSHA violations and keep your employees safe.  We will review all your written safety and OSHA programs to insure they are OSHA compliant.  If any additional programs are needed we will provide both the written programs and any training materials to make sure your business is fully OSHA compliant.

  • Risk Management

    Allow our risk management professionals to go through the industry standard risk management process to help your business fully understand and manage the various risk factors facing your business.

    • Identify Loss Exposures
    • Analyze Loss Exposures
    • Examine Feasibility of Risk Management Techniques
    • Select Appropriate Risk Management Techniques
    • Implement Selected Risk Management Techniques
    • Monitor Results and Revise as Needed