Insurance for the Central Valley - CA Lic# 0596517

Insurance for the California Central Valley

Risk Management

  • Risk Management Audits

    We will evaluate your overall risk management solution by looking at specific claims history, financial strength as well as your willingness and ability to retain risk. Our goal is to make sure you are aware and actively managing all risk facing your business.  We will complete a comprehensive risk management audit that will cover items traditional insurance does not control.  Working as an independent agency gives us the freedom to look at all your options to provide you an unbiased solution.

  • Alternative Risk Financing

    Financing risk using a mechanism other than tradition insurance can be an effective way of controlling cost and gaining more control over your entire risk management program. Alternative risk solutions are not for everyone.  The options of controlling risk are becoming more complex, but also more effective as many states and foreign countries are continually introducing new alternative insurance laws.  Our many years of experience in the insurance industry have allowed us to gain the knowledge and expertise in many areas of alternative risk.

  • Captive Insurance Options

    Winton-Ireland and our team of experts can help determine if a more creative approach towards managing your risk is the right choice. We can help explore all your options, whether it be a single parent captive, group captive or rent a captive.  We will help with feasibility studies and explain the details of all your captive insurance options.  Captives are no longer only for huge companies running off shore captive insurance companies.  Many new states in the US are adding captive insurance laws.  We will help explore and determine the right captive arrangement in the correct domicile.