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Insurance for the California Central Valley

Employee Benefits Consulting

  • Benefit Plan Design

    Deciding on the right plan design depends on numerous different factors.  We know that 10% of plan members cause 70% of cost.  By customizing the plan that best fits your employees we can greatly minimize the cost in a self-funded or partially self funded program.  Placing the focus on preventative health care identifies conditions early when they are easier to control.  We are able to reduce overtreatment including readmissions & duplicate labs or diagnostic tests.

  • Self Funding

    Self-funding or partial self-funding allows for deeper analysis pinpointing cost & utilization problems.  Our expertise in the self-funding arena gives us an advantage when it comes towards improving the health of your employees while minimizing the cost of health care.  We are able to provide ongoing assistance, consultation, and service that will help you control your insurance expenses, meet objectives, and promote health care consumerism. Winton-Ireland will develop cost containment strategies and employee communication campaigns targeting areas with the highest potential to reduce high-dollar claims and high utilization.

  • Vendor Selection

    We will evaluate, negotiate with, and recommend insurers, providers, and networks only after we employ rigorous selection criteria and make sure that the particular network, provider or other vendor will meet your performance objectives.

  • TPA's

    Choosing the right TPA (Third Party Administrator) is a critical component of a successful employee benefits program.  We provide solutions by utilizing competent administration through a proven insurance company or third party administrator.  We work with several professional TPA’s and we understand the critical aspects they need to be able to provide to be an effective partner in your employee benefits program.