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WIS&G Business Solutions

Running a business today isn’t like it was years ago. There are mountains of rules and regulations every business must follow. What your business needs, and what your business can afford, are too often different things.

We invest our dollars for our clients instead of playing the quoting game…

Thankfully, Winton-Ireland has invested in WIS&G Business Solutions.  Our team of business professionals is ready to assist your business beyond the needs of insurance. Whether you need legal advice, human resources assistance, or just don’t know where to get your business questions answered, WIS&G Business Solutions is here to help. Check out the videos below to learn how these unique services can help your business grow while saving you time and money.

WIS&G Business Solutions Introduction

Winton-Ireland has invested thousands to bring business professionals to your aid. Click on the video to find out What WIS&G Business Solutions is and how can they help your business.

Business Questions

Business Questions? Utilize free professional consults through WISG Business Solutions to get your questions answered corruptly and quickly.

Effective Hiring

Learn how WISG Business Solutions can help your business hire employees effectively. Go beyond the typical interview and discover more about your potential hire.

Handbook Compliance

Employment law updates and handbook compliance no longer need to be an issue. Learn how WIS&G Business Solutions can get you a new handbook and keep it constantly up to date for a fraction of the typical cost.

Business Safety Plans

WISG Business Solutions can help make sure you keep up with the numerous safety requirements from OSHA. These training topics are specific to your industry, easy to use and have been shown to keep your employees safer.