Insurance for the Central Valley - CA Lic# 0596517

Insurance for the California Central Valley

Grocery Insurance


We have been the leader in protecting Grocery and Specialty Stores in California and Arizona since 1998.  Our commitment to the grocery industry is widely known. Our knowledge of quality insurance products and services, combined with access to virtually every viable insurance company, make for unsurpassed representation.

The grocery industry is a natural outlet for our farmers that we widely represent. As a business owner we allow you to focus on your customers while we can focus on keeping you thriving and healthy.

Here are many services we provide our store partners:

  • Slip/Fall Prevention: Produce Clean-up Procedures
  • Meat & Deli Safety
  • Storewide Ergonomics Solutions: Stocking, Checking
  • Salad Bar Safety & Spoilage Prevention
  • Risk Management Solutions with Claims Admin & Reporting
  • Product Recall Plans for Produce and Meats